Technical L.L.C.

Universal Technical LLC is a member of the Universal Group Holding LLC and was established in 1982 as a vendor for Equipment Supplies and Field Services to serve the Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Petrochemical, Utility, General Industry & Construction sectors in the UAE.

Commercial Activities:

  • Wholesale of mechanical equipment trading (all types of valves, actuators, ESDVs, MOV packages, valve interlocks, pumps, etc...)

  • Retail sale of oil and natural gas wells equipment, devices and spare parts (submersible pumps, VFDs, ESP controls, etc…)

  • Onshore & offshore oil and gas field and facilities services

  • Electromechanical equipment installation & maintenance

  • Wholesale of precise Electronic devices trading

  • Wholesale of telecommunication equipment trading (SCADA, telemetry systems, MIS systems, etc…)

  • Wireless communication devices and equipment trading

  • Telecommunication systems equipment installation and maintenance

  • Retail sale of measurement and control equipment and devices (flow control solutions, electrical equipment, etc…)

  • Installation and maintenance of measurement and control equipment

  • Computer system and software designing

  • Commercial agencies (STP solutions, odour control packages, pressure vessels, surge protection systems,etc…)

  • Importing (GRP & pre-insulated pipes/fittings, expansion joints, etc….)

  • Wholesale of safety and firefighting equipment and devices trading (fire protection, etc….)

Our Products

Khalifa Street

Shabeeb Al Dhaheri Tower, Floor #04
P.O.Box: 4399 , Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 2 6269970
Fax: +971 2 6269462
Email: info@utl.ae
Website: www.utl.ae